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Podcasting with Spotify: From Beginner to Broadcaster

The Complete Spotify Podcasting Course.

Created by Norman Cantrell - CYA Team

A-Z of Spotify Podcasting: From Recording Basics to Monetization Strategies"


Welcome to “Podcasting with Spotify: From Beginner to Broadcaster,” the ultimate course designed for both budding and experienced podcasters looking to excel in the digital audio space. This course offers a thorough exploration of Spotify’s podcasting platform, guiding you through every step of creating, managing, and enhancing your podcast. From setting up your podcast and optimizing settings for a seamless experience to engaging with your audience and monetizing your content, this course covers it all. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to elevate your existing podcast, this course is your key to unlocking the full potential of podcasting on Spotify. Join us on this exciting journey to transform your passion for podcasting into a thriving audio experience.

What you'll learn


This comprehensive course on podcasting with Spotify is packed with a variety of features designed to enhance your learning experience.

It includes detailed, step-by-step video lessons that offer both theoretical knowledge and practical applications, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of podcasting on Spotify.

Hands-On Project for Practical Experience: The included videos offer an “over-the-shoulder” approach that ensures that you not only understand the theoretical aspects of podcasting but also gain practical experience in using Spotify’s tools and features effectively.

Who is This Course For?

This course is tailored for aspiring podcasters eager to launch their first show and seasoned creators looking to optimize their presence on Spotify.

It’s perfect for content creators who want to leverage Spotify’s extensive tools and features to enhance audience engagement and monetization.

Digital marketers and media professionals seeking to expand their skill set in podcast production and promotion will find valuable insights.

Additionally, anyone passionate about storytelling and connecting with a global audience through the powerful medium of podcasting will benefit immensely from this course.


Delve into the world of digital marketing by harnessing the power of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI tool. This comprehensive course provides hands-on knowledge on how to effectively utilize ChatGPT across various facets of your online marketing ventures.

1. Introduction to ChatGPT for Digital Marketing: Understand the foundational principles behind ChatGPT and how it aligns with digital marketing needs.  

2. ChatGPT and Keyword Research: Discover how to generate a list of profitable keywords, laying the foundation for your online campaigns.  

3. Sales Presentations with ChatGPT: Learn to create compelling sales pitches by integrating AI-generated content.  

4. Content Creation Mastery: Dive into the art of crafting rich content with AI’s assistance, from blog posts to e-books. 

5. SEO-Optimized Content with ChatGPT: Master the skill of developing content that’s both AI-generated and SEO-friendly. 

6. Engaging Ad Copy Creation: Use AI to craft attention-grabbing ad copies that resonate with your target audience. 

7. Canva Text to Image: Enhance your sales presentations by transforming AI-generated content into captivating visuals with Canva. 

8. Integrating Video with ChatGPT Content: Explore the synergy between AI-crafted content and dynamic video presentations. 

9. Sales Page Strategy with ChatGPT: Develop an effective strategy to create high-converting sales pages with AI insights. 

10. Crafting an Effective Sales Letter: Learn how to draft persuasive sales letters that drive conversions, with a touch of AI magic. 

11. Revamping Content with ChatGPT: Elevate existing content to meet market demands using AI recommendations. 

12. Facebook Ads Creation: Dive into crafting compelling Facebook ad campaigns with AI-driven insights. 

13. YouTube Descriptions with ChatGPT: Enhance your video marketing by generating descriptive and engaging YouTube video descriptions. 

14. Design and Accessibility with AI-Powered PowerPoint: Use AI elements within PowerPoint to ensure accessibility and enhance presentation design. 

15. Welcome Emails that Wow: Craft personalized welcome emails that resonate, especially for early adopters, using AI. 

16. Sales Page Layout Recommendations: Get insightful AI recommendations for structuring your sales page for maximum impact. 

17. Colors and Background Styling Guide: Achieve visual perfection by receiving AI suggestions on color schemes for your sales pages. 

18. Earnings Disclaimers and Legal Insights: Understand the importance of legal disclaimers and gain insights into drafting them for your products. 

19. Opt-In Page Copy Creation: Use AI to develop enticing opt-in pages that effectively capture leads. 

20. Opt-In Email Mastery: Craft emails that not only acknowledge new subscribers but also entice them to dive deeper into your offerings. 

By the end of this course, participants will have the tools and knowledge to integrate ChatGPT into their digital marketing toolkit, ensuring a more streamlined and effective marketing strategy.


This Course Includes:

22 on-demand videos
Full lifetime access
Approx. 30 Minutes to complete
Access on mobile, tablet, and computer
Certificate of Completion
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