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Audiobook Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to ACX and Audiobook Production

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Published Work with Our Comprehensive Course for Creating Your Audiobook!

Created by Jim Lewis

Mastering Audiobook Creation and Promotion with ACX and Amazon


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of audiobook creation and promotion with this comprehensive course. Packed with 20 insightful lessons, this course is meticulously designed to guide authors and content creators through the intricate paths of producing and listing an audiobook using ACX and Amazon’s Author Central.

Each lesson is crafted with precision, offering a blend of insightful guidance, practical tips, and hands-on strategies, ensuring a transformative learning experience. 

Embrace the opportunity to navigate the audiobook publishing landscape with confidence, armed with a wealth of knowledge and tools to make your audiobook resonate with success and impact!

What you'll learn


Embark on a transformative journey that unveils the secrets of converting your written masterpieces into engaging audiobooks using the ACX platform.

This meticulously crafted course unfolds essential chapters such as mastering ACX navigation, decoding the upload process, and enhancing your Author Central account, ensuring a roadmap to audiobook success.

Through a hands-on approach, you will dive deep into mastering powerful tools, and uncovering strategies for effective home and mobile recordings, ensuring your audiobook resonates with clarity and professionalism. With the thoughtful integration of essential lessons ranging from audio editing to crafting captivating author pages, this course is your beacon to navigating the audiobook landscape with confidence and finesse.

Who is This Course For?

1. Aspiring Audiobook Creators: Ideal for writers and publishers looking to expand their work into the auditory realm, providing step-by-step guidance on audiobook production.

2. Self-Published Authors: This course serves self-published authors eager to augment their written content with audio versions, enhancing accessibility and market reach.

3.Freelance Narrators and Producers: Freelancers aiming to offer professional audiobook services will find advanced tips and industry standards for creating high-quality audio content.

4. Digital Content Marketers: Marketers seeking to leverage the power of audio to engage audiences and promote books or other content will find valuable strategies and tools.


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of audiobook creation and promotion with this comprehensive course. Packed with 20 insightful lessons, this course is meticulously designed to guide authors and content creators through the intricate paths of producing and listing an audiobook using ACX and Amazon’s Author Central.

Start with uncovering the basics of ACX, learning to navigate its robust platform, and discovering how to claim your book effectively. As you dive deeper, unveil the secrets to creating captivating audio through discussions on ideal recording environments, essential tools, and vital mobile applications that streamline the audiobook creation process.

Experience a thorough walkthrough of audio editing software, mastering the arts of audio adjustments and enhancements that meet the refined ACX requirements. Dive into the realms of visual perfection as you grasp the techniques of crafting compelling cover arts and other essential visual elements that resonate with your audiobook’s essence.

The course takes a meticulous approach to guide you through the uploading protocols of ACX, ensuring your audiobook is perfectly poised for public access. Transition smoothly into the realm of promotion, understanding the powerful functionalities of Amazon’s Author Central, where you learn to optimize your author page through biographies, blogs, custom URLs, and media enhancements.

Conclude your learning by absorbing holistic insights, ensuring you are well-equipped with the knowledge to wait proficiently as your audiobook takes the final steps toward going live. With a wealth of knowledge shared over a diverse array of lessons, this course emerges as a beacon of learning for those enthusiastic about mastering the art and science of audiobook creation and promotion.

  1. Navigating the ACX Landscape: Explore the fundamental aspects of ACX to kickstart your audiobook journey.
  2. Claiming Your Book on ACX: Learn the systematic approach to claim your book effectively on ACX for audiobook conversion.
  3. Essentials of Book Listing and Narration: Dive into the essentials of listing your book and understanding the importance of choosing the right narration style.
  4. ACX Profile Perfection: Unlock the secrets to creating a compelling ACX profile that resonates with your audience.
  5. Mastering the Art of Audiobook Creation Tools: Discover a range of essential tools that enhance your audiobook creation process.
  6. The Foundation of Home Recording: Establish a strong foundation with insights into setting up an effective home recording environment.
  7. Mobile Recording Secrets Revealed: Uncover essential mobile recording strategies to create audiobooks on the go.
  8. Audio Editing Basics with Audacity: Grasp fundamental audio editing techniques using Audacity to create polished audiobooks.
  9. Advanced Audio Editing Techniques: Delve into advanced audio editing techniques to enhance the quality and appeal of your audiobooks.
  10. Navigating Noise Reduction and Quality Enhancement: Learn how to combat noise and enhance your audiobook’s audio quality proficiently.
  11. An Insight into Effective Soundproofing Techniques: Dive deep into effective soundproofing techniques to create a conducive recording environment.
  12. Understanding ACX Requirements and Checks: Gain a comprehensive understanding of ACX’s technical requirements and quality assurance checks.
  13. Creating Captivating Audiobook Covers: Unveil the process of creating visually compelling covers that resonate with your audiobook.
  14. The Upload Process Decoded: Get detailed insights into the systematic process of uploading your audiobook on ACX.
  15. Perfecting Cover Art and Its Upload: Learn the essentials of perfecting and uploading your audiobook’s cover art to meet ACX’s standards.
  16. Uploading Your Audiobook: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide: Discover a structured approach to uploading your audiobook chapter by chapter for a seamless process.
  17. Author Central Account Setup for Success: Dive into the process of setting up an Author Central account to enhance your audiobook’s visibility.
  18. Creating an Engaging Author Page (Part 1): Explore ways to craft a captivating Amazon author page, focusing on the utilization of biographies and blogs.
  19. Enhancing Your Author Page with Media (Part 2): Learn to enrich your author page through effective use of photos, videos, and custom URLs.
  20. Course Conclusion and Final Touches: Conclude your learning journey with final insights, preparing your audiobook for success on the ACX platform.
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